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ePatha License Manager
Version 3.1 is here !

ePatha License Manager (eLM) Version 3.0 is a major new release of the product also known as License Manager for the Java™ Platform.
In addition to many new options, it improves on the internal license mechanisms, like master license authentication. The eLM is also now available in two the Editions: Standard and Enterprise.

The Standard Edition provides all the features of the JLM 2.2, plus an option to begin temporary license count downs from the first time the license is used, rather than the from the date the license was issued. It also expands the encryption key size from 32 bits to 64 bits and makes web deployment easier, because your master license is now embedded within the License.jar file.

The Enterprise Edition provides all the features of the Standard Edition + the added flexibility of Internet verification and management. With this added set of features the user can issue licenses that can later be modified, automatically, over a standard Internet (IP) connection, via the special server provided. Using it opens a whole new dimension to licensing by allowing a license producer (you) to track the usage of license consumers (your distributed products). It also allows the license producer to alter and rewrite a license after it has been distributed.

When you create an Internet license you create a standard license extended by a set of Internet parameters. With these Internet parameters you can direct the license consumer what to do during license validation; like whether or not to allow usage without an Internet connection. The Enterprise Edition itself, includes a multi-threaded server, which provides the interface between the license producer and license consumers.

All interactions between the license consumers and the license producer are fully encrypted using the same key was used to create the license. With this server you can also track a license's minute-to-minute usage. It can also act as your license's date/time provider, so end users cannot set their own platform's clock backwards, to circumvent temporary license expiration. Many new APIs have also been added to support these new features.

In addition, with 3.1 of the Enterprise Edition, you can now communicate better between the host server and the end user, by specifying a browser controlled web page, plain text, or both. These can be initiated, via an xml control set, for warnings, connection failures and even successful license validation. So now you can use the eLM to "pop up" a message or commercial page directly to your end user.

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