The Image Hotel & SpaTM

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The Java Image Hotel & SpaTM is a pleasant way to manage all the images you use on your computer. It allows you to arrange, view, label and alter images from a single point of entry.

Images checked into the hotel are automatically assigned a thumbnail representation and unique ID for subsequent identification. The image size, type and catalog date are also determined for you as part of the check in process. Once checked into the hotel the entire list of images can be reviewed and sorted in any way you like.

A simple double click on any of the thumbnail images will provide an image editing window, known as the Spa, where you can flip, mirror, rotate, make grayscale, alter color, brightness or intensity. You can also crop out any portion of the image by a simple click and drag. These alterations can be reverted, or saved as the new default version of the image. Even the saved, altered versions can be restored to the original source version at any time with a single click. In the Spa the altered images can also be printed, or exported into a portable file format (GIF, JPG or BMP).

Images can also be grouped together into Playbills, which are created and viewed in the Image Theater. Playbills are also automatically generated based on your image's assigned categories. In the Image Theater Playbills can be manipulated and assigning attributes like an accompanying audio track and frame colors that are used during playback.

Technically, the Java Image Hotel & Spa employs a virtually menu free, all visible interface. This makes it very easy to see what options are available without additional mouse clicks. The product also imposes no limits as to image sizes or number of images. What limits exist are only indirectly imposed by your Java Run Time Environment or other platform restrictions.

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